RJK Property Management
How to apply for an apartment

If you have seen one of our apartments and want to apply for it, you can print out an application here.

Once you have printed and filled out the application, call John at 773-505-0918 to make arrangement to turn the application in. This can either be done in person or at our dropbox at 1936 W Dickens.

In addition to the application, two checks made out to RJK Property Management should be provided:

  • An application fee of $35 per person. This is nonrefundable.
  • The first months rent. This will be deposited once you are accepted. If you are not accepted, it will be returned to you. Should you be accepted and then choose not to take the apartment, this check will be returned only if a suitable tenant is found for the same lease start date.

Applications are processed in the order they are received. An application is considered received when we have it in hand or have received a call that it is in the drop box. Applications without the two requisite checks are not deemed as received. Applications which are not completed in full will not be put in the queue for processing.

In situations where more than one person, couple or set of roommates applies for the same apartment, we reserve the right to select the strongest candidate(s) for acceptance.

RJK Property Management
1934 W Dickens, Chicago, IL 60614

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